Monday, 9 November 2009


We Heart the Suburbs will be in Sheffield with our introductory exhibition 'Three Portraits of Suburbia' on Fri 13th and Sat 14th November:

Depictions of suburbia in architectural discourse are overwhelmingly negative. The suburbs are considered within the context of scarcity of resources, speed and volume of consumption, the affect of urban sprawl and the concerns of individualism, painting a dismal and frightening picture. However, if the suburbs are to be realistically re-thought, it is essential that suburbanite’s motivations, concerns and aspirations are given adequate validity within the profession.

“Suburbia’s vociferous enemies fail to see that it is an essential ingredient of city life. Such critics are outnumbered many, many times by the millions for whom suburbia is a land of pleasantness, friendship and hope.”

Paul Barker ‘The Freedoms of Suburbia’

This study enters the psyche of three suburban women. Through following women of varying ages for one day, we uncover routines, interactions, idiosyncrasies and insight into the ‘everyday’ within the suburban environment. The portraits reflect upon both notions of individual and family needs, and also highlight collective values of the suburbanite’s choice of home.

‘Three Portraits of Suburbia’ represents an initial desire to understand suburbia and its inhabitants before deciding its fate.

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