Tuesday, 2 August 2011


This summer on the 12th of August, Cluny Summer Pavilion will form the centre of a suburban community in Southend-on-Sea, signalling the conclusion of our two-year process of engagement by this initiative. Transforming the central green space of Cluny estate, the pavilion will host a month-long series of summer events; conceived, organised and hosted by the local community.

Like a flat-pack structure, the pavilion is designed to be assembled on site by non-skilled volunteers, allowing young people to shape their community, from conception to construction. The pavilion will be stored away at the end of the summer, ready to be re-erected annually as a platform for future communal activities.

It will act as a blank canvas – a public structure allowing the local community to shape its character with a programme of activities entirely of their own making. Each year, as the pavilion is erected anew, it will adapt to the needs of the local community

This year’s events reflect the community desire to provide meaningful activities to occupy young people over the summer weeks – ranging from street dance workshops to bringing Southend beach to the estate, complete with donkey rides. All events have been conceived and organised in collaboration with Connexions and SLYCC, local youth organisations.

Cluny Summer Pavilion:

Model of the flat pack structure:

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  1. Work so far on the blog and this final event look brilliant - hope it goes well for you!